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Industrial Sandblasting and Coating Services Phoenix
Arizona Coating Applicators, Inc. Arizona 602-263-9065

Because different tank usages require different types of tank coating materials, it's imperative that you work with a contractor who specializes in the field of tank coatings. The professional staff members of Arizona Coating Applicators, Inc. will take the time to educate you about our available products, their relative suitability to your project, and any application issues and maintenance requirements.

Arizona Coating Applicators, Inc. provides a range of coatings for various applications, depending on the needs of the facility. For over 35 years Arizona Coating Applicators, Inc. has been providing high performance linings for industrial applications. Some of the other services we offer are:

l ACA installs security vents to prevent intruders from contaminating water storage tanks.
l ACA installs overflow security valves to prevent intruders from contaminating water storage tanks.
l ACA installs safety climb devices.
l ACA installs cage ladders with swing out locking gates on tanks to prevent intruders from climbing on
  top of the tanks.
l ACA specializes in alternatives to dry sandblasting:
      Wet abrasive blasting (Slurry Blasting)
      Ultra high pressure water jet blasting
l ACA provides full maintenance and inspection services.
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